John Coletta is a chef, restaurateur, author (250 True Italian Pasta Dishes), and ambassador for Italian Gastronomy. 

As Executive Chef and Co-Founder of Quartino Ristorante & Wine Bar, John preserves the authenticity of regional Italian cuisine, through honed culinary techniques and authentic Italian ingredients. His enduring culinary philosophy is true-to-life: Prepare Italian food, with Italian passion. Winner of the coveted Ospitalita Italiana award, Quartino has been praised by the Italian government as one of the most authentic Italian restaurants in the nation. Learn more about Chef John Coletta »

Recipes from the Chef

Sgroppino »

Sgroppino was created by the inventive and masterful Venetians in the 16th century. Sgropin, as it is called in the Venetian dialect, means "to untie a little knot", referring to the knot found in one's stomach following a rather large meal. This liquid dessert can also be made with lemon sorbetto rather than lemon gelato.
The best local seasonal ingredients are paired with age-old traditional techniques, Italian artisanal balsamic and a passion for flavor.
The simple yet gratifying flavors of dates, gorgonzola dolce, and pancetta are combined to achieve a harmonious experience. I prefer to have smaller dates rather than large ones since a small tasting is adequate. 

Watch Chef John Coletta explore the versatility of Italian rice, and the keys to achieving great Italian food at home. 

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